An online video programme to boost your incoming business from France. 

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Programme "How To Attract More French Tourists To My Travel Market?"

All times access to 4 modules of contents, 3 hours of video, 7 documents, with regular updates.
This program in its 2 versions, French and English, is on a private platform. You can make comments and ask questions in the comments part.
All your questions wll be answered in 24 hours maximum, 7 days  a week. 
Access to the recordings of 3 online conferences (in French) with 2 French lawyers on: A) air companies and how to contract with them; B) financial guarantee in France; C) how to protect one's travel brand.
- Access to TheTravelExperts Training Academy private group on Facebook which gathers together travel professionals participating in our training programs.

Module 1 France and the French tourism industry
1.1 Main actors on the French tourist market 
1.2 Main trends on the French tourist market 
1.3 Cultural specifics and travel preferences of the French tourist

Module 2 Strategic approaches to the French tourist market
Documents to download:
- List of the main French tourist gouverning bodies  
- List of the principal tour-operators B2B and B2C and of the French outbound travel agencies – with indication of destinations and tourist products

Module 3 Main marketing channels and tools
3.1 Marketing channels and tools B2B
3.2 Marketing channels and tools B2C
3.3 Marketing channels and tools B2B et B2C
Documents to download:
- List of principal tourist trade fair shows and exhibitions, B2B et B2C, in France
- List of journalists working for French tourist media B2B and B2C
- List of French bloggers / vloggers
- List of the best auto-responders (marketing automation)

Module 4. What should your marketing strategy be on the French tourist market in order to get more French tourists to your travel market?
4.1 Having a clear marketing strategy
4.2 Having a clear positioning 
4.3 Know how to seduce your futur French partners and customers
Documents to download: 
- List of recommended resources: Seth Godin, Michael Porter...


497 € HT

One-on-one consulting to build up your marketing strategy on the French travel market

One hour consultng on Skype to make the point on your marketing and objectives. Before this rendez-vous, I analyse your actual positioning based on your website and all other elements you have sent to me: you specific offering for the French tourist market, your approach, communications...
Results: you will see in a much clearer way what you should improve and we'll design 1) your action plan and 2) the mix of marketing tools you should use in order to increase significantly the number of French tourists to you travel market. 

Publication of an article on you, your tourist offering and your company

Publication of an article of 1000 words minimum, in French, on, the blog of the best tourist marketing practices [14.000 visits/month].
With images and links to your website, tourist offering and contact details.
This publication has no time limit. This is excellent for your Google referencing.

Expected resultats of this publication: thanks to Google referencing, you will be contacted by French tourist professionals! 

Total 497 €


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